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Wireless As A Managed Service

Today's enterprise is changing and adapting to one the largest global trends in technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) access explosion. WiFi is moving from being the "convenience" network to the primary access layer for almost all network capable endpoints. In addition to the wireless revolution, managed services offerings have emerged as an extremely adaptable IT strategy allowing enterprises to gain additional benefits such as highly specialized support, industry standard operations, increased cost savings through task offloading, and experienced design and installation services to name a few.

Most IT departments will see 10 to 20 times as many wireless endpoints in the next few years as compared to what is currently connected to their WiFi Networks. In many cases these will be BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) end devices and BYOA (Bring Your Own APP) that are used for personal and corporate functions. Managing, securing, and operating the WiFi networks that enable these endpoints to function will require (If not already) full time resources that are extremely knowledgeable about wireless networks. Most IT departments will not have the ability or the proper tools in place to effectively manage and support this fast changing landscape. The combination of these factors have smart companies turning to Corsair Networks for Managed Wireless Services.

What is the difference? The difference in our service offerings depends on the size of the customer and where those customers are at in their WiFi hardware cycle. At its core the Air Control and Air Base support both provide the same support structure and model. The difference is the Air Control service contains the wireless management software and controller in the cloud, where the Air Base allows the Corsair Air Support team to manage the end customers on premise software and hardware from a secure remote connection or from a secure cloud based management console.

Air Control Service

Air Control services is in operation when all of your wireless access points and onsite controllers attach to our cloud based control system. The system allows the Air Support Engineers to real time monitor and operate your wireless network. Standard features of the Air Support service are:

  • Fully managed and supported by industry authorized engineers
  • Air support engineers work alongside your existing IT Team including participation in operational and support meetings
  • Air Support Engineers will work directly with your IT or Help Desk Teams to fix real time issues and end user problems
  • Threat detection and avoidance services
  • Wireless Availability Monitoring
  • Real-Time and historical wireless system analysis
  • Visual Heat Maps
  • Alarm notifications of hardware and performance issues
  • Global or site specific operational changes
  • Scheduled configurations changes
  • Auto discovery or hardware
  • Backup and Restore of configurations
  • 24x7x365 Monitoring

Air Base Service

Some companies have already made the investment and completed the process of installing wireless AP’s throughout their organization. However, in most cases the wireless system is being managed by the IT team inadequately. This is typically due to the lack of a skilled wireless engineer(s) on staff, or the designated Wireless support group is tasked with other duties taking away from the necessary wireless management, troubleshooting and maintenance tasks. Corsairs Air Base Support service eliminates these oversights and compliments your IT team by assigning an experienced team of engineers to constantly manage and monitor your existing WiFi network. Standard features of Air Base Support are:

  • Fully managed and supported by industry authorized engineers
  • Air support engineers work alongside your existing IT Team including participation in operational and support meetings
  • Review and enforcement of the corporate security policies
  • Implementation of technologies into your wireless environment such as NAC control as and 802.1x Authorization services
  • Capacity planning
  • Hardware remediation such as RMA processes and return tracking
  • Break Fix Service Management (Coordinate efforts with your team and outside vendors to get offline AP's back in service)
  • All the same software features as Air Control Support customers

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